Social Accountability

Geniprocess, aware of its role and responsibilities in a social and economic global community wants to stand socially responsible and therefore decided to make clear its commitment to the ethical and social with reference to standard SA8000: 2008.

This involves, for Geniprocess:

  • considering their employees as a strategic resource, ensuring respect for their individual rights, political, trade union and fostering cultural development, professional and personal skills.
  • considering their suppliers as partners, not only for the realization of economic activities but also with regard to the social and ethical responsibility.
  • consider their customer as a key element of its business working for their satisfaction also about the rules of ethical and social responsibility.

With this policy, Geniprocess declares its total adherence to:

  • All requirements of the reference standard SA8000.
  • Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • The United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Children.
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • All National and International Laws on the subject, including the section seven from Labour Law # 12 for 2003 on safety in the workplace.
  • All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001: 2015 and ISO45001:2018.

Geniprocess is committed to ensuring that its processes are conducted according to the workers in with the criteria for non-use of child labor or forced labor, the maintenance of health and safety, freedom of association, the absence of discriminatory practices, the definition of working hours and fair pay.

In addition, Geniprocess is committed to:

  • Promote an ethically responsible approach at its target audiences (all staff, customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Maintain a Management System for Social Responsibility and ensure the maintenance of a continuous improvement.
  • Transmit to Interested Parties the contents of this document and the main indicators of social performance subject to monitoring.

Geniprocess is committed to ensure that the policy is effectively documented, implemented, maintained, communicated and made accessible in a comprehensible form to all personnel, including administrators, executives, management, supervisors and staff, whether it directly employed by the company, contracted or otherwise representing.

In addition, the policy statement is public, accessible, in a clear way and available on demand for all the stakeholders.

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