Knowledge Development

Purpose: Provide operators, equipment vendors and individual staff members with high-end training in all aspects of the telecom industry.

Course Catalogue:

  • Microwave Transmission Network Planning Levels I & II.
  • Transmissions Link Planning for Cellular Networks.
  • Microwave Transmissions Systems Engineering.
  • 3 day Path Loss IV Link Planning Workshop.
  • 5 day Path Loss IV Link Planning Workshop.
  • Link Planning with Ethernet Radios for Next Generation Cellular Networks.
  • Path Loss Link Planning with Packet Radios.
  • Link Planning for 3G Networks with Path Loss IV.
  • Transmissions Network Audit, Analysis and Optimization.
  • DWDM Optical Network.
  • Introduction to Optical Networking.GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication).GPRS (General Packet Radio System).

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