Our telecom installation teams are the quickest and most experienced around.


Equip new and existing telecom sites with Microwave and Radio technology required for the proper network coverage and transmission, using latest technologies provided by vendors like Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Ericsson and more. This includes MW links, RF antennas, BTS/mBTS installation, radio measurement as well as all kinds of upgrades and swaps.

GeniProcess equips its teams with the necessary tools such as E1 testers and Spectrum Analyzers owned by GeniProcess itself, making it one of the very few companies in the market to supply them to their workforce.


Solution must be delivered rapidly during site downtime.Solution must be programmed and commissioned according to customer specifications.


Deployed over 15,000 PDH/SDH sites around the world the course of the past 10 years.Over 7,000 BTS installed over the past 5 years only.

Recent projects:

  • MobiNil MIND Project with NEC iPASO (200/400/1000) and NEO, including installation and commissioning, link upgrade, relocation for better LOS, maintenance and cutover. [2011 -> present].
  • MobiNil Single RAN project with Alcatel-Lucent [NEW PROJECT in 2013].
  • Deployment of NPR equipment of Alcatel-Lucent for MobiNil [2011 -> present].
  • Deployment of AWY 16-32 of Alcatel-Lucent [2011-2012]
  • 2G/PDH upgrade of Alcatel-Lucent  for MobiNil [2010 -> present].
  • Deployment of LUX 40-50 of Alcatel-Lucent  for MobiNil [2010-2011]
  • Vodafone deployment project of 3G and MW transmission with Huawei [2010-2011].
  • MobiNil 2G/3G deployment project with Huawei [2010-2011].Etisalat 2G/3G Phase III with Huawei (including 2G expansion) [2009-2011].
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